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Toy Bizarre by Activision: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Strategies

The minimum score required in Toy Bizarre by Activision for the Commodore 64 to earn a patch was: 70,000. The best advice in Toy Bizarre is to read the manual. Activision Toy Bizarre for the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum was designed by Mark Turmell.

Activision Toy Bizarre is a bizarre action game filled with many things going on and all at the same time. Gaming selections are a one or two players by pressing F1 or F5. You can also press Run/Stop to pause the game at any time and then press again to continue. Controls are left, right, up, and down and you use the button to jump. You start off with four Merton’s in reserve with a max number of nine.

It is day one on a Monday and the work shift clock starts at 12:00am midnight. The work shift is a typical eight hour day. Earn an extra life at each 10,000 points scored or when a Merton head appears on the screen. The game ends when you run out of lives.

The screen is filled with lots of eye candy and many things going on all at once. At the top left is the score, next to that are the remaining lives. In the center top is the high score that has been achieved. To the right of high score is the current day. And to the far right on top is the time of day.

Right below all of the indicators are the balloons. These represent how many balloons you’ll have to pop before proceeding to the next level. On day one, or at 12:00, there are six balloons to pop. Extra balloons are added as the level of difficulty increases. The color of the balloons represents which enemy toy will be on that level.

As you begin there are platforms in a section of that ledge that you jump on to stun the enemies as they walk across it or land on it. You can use this to your advantage knowing which platform makes the rise. With each new level your ledge screens are always changing so keep in mind the placement of these platforms as it will help in stunning the enemies as they land. You will also have to contend with “valves”. There are six on each level. As you pass these valves you will be turning them off. But beware as Hefty Hilda can turn them back on. These valves inflate the enemy balloons which also quickly release the toys “Twirly”, “Whirly”, “Springer” and “Scooter”.

The balloons will shake just before they release a toy so be quick to pop them, otherwise you’ll lose a life if you touch them. If you didn’t pop one of the balloons that quick, you can always look to see if one of the toys lands on a platform. It will begin to blink. This blinking indicates that you will not die, since they are in stun mode and you can quickly jump on them to score points.

You also will receive bonus points for each remaining minute that is on the clock until the next hour. The Safety Check boards appear every two hours. This board is like a bonus round as you don’t have the balloons/toys to contend with. Your objective here is to turn off the valves as quickly as you can to gain the most bonus points. Remember that Hilda has a walking pattern. So be mindful of where she goes to make your movements more effective. By 5am, or the second safety check time, you will now have two Hefty Hilda’s to contend with, so the pressure is on to be even more observant of where the Hilda’s are.

At hour 7:00 on the clock, there will be a coffee break notice at the bottom of the screen. This freezes anything on the screen making it easier for you to kill everything. Don’t be fooled as the bonus points from the clock count down as it is time for another safety check. On the third safety check there are two Hilda’s and now one clone Merton. You really need to be alert at this point of all your movements. After completing that safety check it is now time for your new day of work. Have fun as the madness starts all over again.

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