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Happy Trails by Activision: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Strategies

The minimum score required in Happy Trails by Activision for Mattel Intellivision to earn a patch was: 40,000 points. The best advice in Happy Trails is to read the manual so that you know all of the nuances of the game. The manual gives some really good tips. Happy Trails was designed by Carol Shaw.

In the true tradition of a slider puzzle game, or a connect the tracks style game, Happy Trails offers all of that, but with a twist that will keep you playing for hours. Like another Intellivision game, “Locomotion”, Activision’s Happy Trails is similar, but with a wild west theme. Instead of rails to move on to continue it is trails. The four way directional control of the disc makes your squares go in the direction that you want to guide them. The use of the side buttons, while holding the upper button makes your character move rapidly. By pressing the lower buttons it makes you change your direction of travel.

You must slide the squares to enable your character to continue walking as the squares connect for the continual path to collect all the items. You are rewarded with a special money bag at the end of each level, and it gets added with another special money bag for each consecutive level. There will be eight money bags shown in total, and they change color for every nine levels that you achieve.

Starting with two by two squares on game one, this first challenge is quite simple. But at the third level you are now four squares wide and two squares high. This also marks the start of having the red sheriff’s badge and the appearance of Black Bart. Once you’ve collected the sheriff’s badge, it makes you invincible for a short period of time. While in this invincible mode you are able to capture Black Bart. Doing this gets you a 2x multiplier (double points) of what is remaining on your bonus counter. Your bonus counter starts from 500 and decreases as you play. Once the counter reaches below 100 you will hear a whooping or warning sound that alerts you to hurry up or you will lose a life. Keep in mind that the 500 bonus counter is equal to one minute and ten seconds, so you don’t have much time to complete your task.

There are 8 game levels with a one player and two player mode, each alternating levels in two player mode. There are money bags to collect along the way. These money bags add to your total points. The level is completed once you’ve collected all money bags and completed your path without losing a life. Looking at the set of trail blocks for each level, it is clear to see how you have to manipulate your trail blocks to make a continual path of travel. But be careful because as you change the position of the trail blocks, you could end up giving yourself a dead-end in which you will have to rapidly reverse your direction while changing your direction of travel paths.

**Tips: You can trap Black Bart into a corner by moving your trail blocks around so that he is either going in a circle or on a dead end path. You can also keep reversing your direction as you are standing on the trail blocks to arrange your path so that you can continue walking again rather than waiting until you’ve made that perfect path. Meanwhile, always keep in mind that the timer is running down.

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