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Ghostbusters by Activision: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Strategies

The minimum score required in Ghostbusters by Activision for the Atari 2600 to earn a patch was: No patch was ever offered in Ghostbusters. The best advice in Ghostbusters is to read the manual, so that you know all of the nuances of the game. The manual gives some really good tips. Make sure both difficulty switches are set to B. Activision Ghostbusters for the Atari 2600 was designed by David Crane and programmed by Dan Kitchen.

Place the controller in the left port and reset the game. The left and right difficulties have no effect at the beginning of the game. You’ll begin with 5000$ to start your Ghostbusters business. You must earn money before the ghosts’ energy “PK” reaches critical mass at 9999.

After pressing the game reset you’ll see the equipment selection screen. This is where you purchase gear & supplies. Choose items: Image Intensifier, Bait, Ghost Vacuum, and Traps. Each item is priced accordingly and you can purchase multiples of selected items by pressing the red button. After you’ve made all purchases, move the left difficulty button from the “B” position to the “A” position. You will now see the map screen and hear the Ghostbusters theme music.

Zuul’s temple is at the top center of the screen and your vehicle’s location is represented by the Ghostbusters symbol on the streets. The PK indicator is at the bottom left of the screen right above your bank balance. City blocks that are blinking red indicate that there is a Slimer in that area. So you drive to that location to capture ghosts. Once you’ve selected to engage that city block you now are in drive mode on your way to that block.

Use your vacuum to capture any roamers indicated as a white ghost on your map. While you drive you can switch lanes to better position yourself to capture these roamers. If any roamers do reach Zuul’s temple the city’s PK reading increases by 100 units each time. Upon your arrival to that city block your vehicle will stop. Now you are on the busting ghost screen.

Once you’ve arrived at the ghost infested location, press the button to deploy a trap. Once the trap is placed, move to the left of the screen and the second Ghostbuster will appear. Place the second Ghostbuster to the far right and position him facing the trap. Both Ghostbusters will then power up their negative ionizer backpacks. These ionizers are used to catch the ghost. By moving the Ghostbusters toward the center, you will be able to trap the ghost easily.

Once the ghost is in sight, press the button and the trap will be released to pull in the ghost. But be exact because if you miss the ghost you will be slimed. The quicker you catch the ghost the more you will earn. If you let a slimer escape the PK will increase by 300 units. When you have run out of traps, get two men slimed, or cross streams, you must return to the Ghostbusters’ headquarters to get replenished. Periodically you will lose control of your Ghostbusters.

Always remember that the PK counter is always ticking and adding up. You’ll also notice that the roamers are moving much more quickly at this point. This means that the Marshmallow man is rapidly approaching. Your only way out is to drop your bait. To bait the Marshmallow man, move the right difficulty to the opposite position. If you’re quick enough to catch the Marshmallow man you’ll earn 2000$. If you’re not fast enough to catch him, he will stomp on one of your city blocks and you will lose 4000$. You must sneak three of your Ghostbusters under the Marshmallow man’s legs to escape safely. If this is done properly, you’ll beat Zuul for that moment and you’ll be rewarded with 2000$ bonus.

If the PK energy reaches 9999, and you do not have at least 1000$ in your bank account the game ends. If the city’s PK reaches 9999 and you do have 1000$ in your bank account then you will have the opportunity to continue your game with the accumulated earnings. The max score is 999,999.

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