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Freeway by Activision: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Strategies

The minimum score required in Freeway by Activision for the Atari 2600 to earn an Activision patch was: 20 on game 3 or game 7. The best advice in Freeway by Activision is to read the manual so that you know all of the nuances of the game. The manual gives some really good tips. Make sure both difficulty switches are set to B. Freeway was designed by David Crane.

Freeway by Activision is a rather simple but obvious game, which requires you to help, “as the old adage goes”, the chicken cross the road. Based on those statements your objective is straight forward literally, and you must guide your chicken to cross the road (“10-Lanes” of traffic to be precise) without being struck by any moving vehicles while getting to the other side.

With this in mind, it’s generally a good idea for a player to experiment with which side (“left” or “right”) he wants to play. Getting a good feel for how the game is played and how your patterns interact with the moving vehicles is a must for attaining the most points within the time frame that’s allowed; roughly 2 minutes and 20 seconds to complete as many crossings as you can.

Once you’ve devised a rather good method of avoiding traffic, you now focus on being able to cross the traffic lanes the quickest and safest way possible. Remember you don’t have much time to do all of this. There is also a safe area, “The Median”, or the yellow lines that indicate the dividing lines between the oncoming traffic lanes. You can use this “Median” to your advantage by timing the gaps of the moving vehicles and slipping between them.

There are also some subtle nuances in the game once you’ve achieved somewhat of a mastery of how to cross the lanes of traffic without being hit. There are some instances where it might look like a car is going to hit you, but your chicken is just fast enough with precise timing that it doesn’t. Again timing is your friend and a useful tool in selecting the proper lanes. This might come in handy too for your end result in your score as some lanes “left” or “right” might yield more points in total crossings. One point per crossing.

Freeway by Activision offers the player several gaming selections to choose from. Each selection comes with its own perils of game play that each gamer needs to adjust to while playing. Freeway by Activision for the Atari 2600 also offers a unique opportunity of simultaneous 2-player action, not seen on many games of the era. Games 1-4 are 4 distinct highways to cross with the exact same traffic pattern each time you play. Games 5-8 are the exact same highways as games 1-4 with random varying traffic speeds during the game. Games 5-8 are seem much more challenging.

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