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Dolphin by Activision: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Strategies

The minimum score required in Dolphin by Activision to earn an Activision patch was: 80,000 points for the Friends of Dolphins or 299,990 points for the Secret Society of the Dolphins. The best advice in Dolphin by Activision is to read the manual so that you know all of the nuances of the game. The manual gives some really good tips on this game. Make sure both difficulty switches are set to B. Dolphin was designed by Matthew Hubbard.

The real secret in this game is to listen to the number of beeps and get the rhythm to jump over the seahorses, rather than try to go through the gaps in between the sea horses. The number of beeps changes at different points during the game as the difficulty level increase, so be ready to adjust to the changes.

***TIPS: A secret Easter egg is if you play on 2 player and get 299,990 with player one, player 2 will be resurrected with 99 extra lives. Next get 299,990 with player 2. The game will continue with player one again and get SUPER difficult! See if you can achieve a 3rd score of 299,990. That would be known as the elusive “Triple Amazing“. Even I haven’t done that one yet. Let me know if you do! Even I would be “Amazed”!

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